A nation’s wealth, beauty and mystery can be showcased in different ways. Tourism is one of the most popular mediums adopted and today is a flourishing industry in all parts of the world. Even Bhutan reaps the benefits of tourism. A country which opened its gates to tourists only in 1974, has now become one of the most sought after tourist destinations, with people from different parts of the globe visiting the country. And to serve these people, several tourism companies have mushroomed in the Kingdom.

One of the pioneers is Khuenphen Adventure, located in the heart of Bhutan’s capital city, Thimphu with more than ten years experience in the industry. Comprising a group of robust team who are professionals in the hospitality and tourism business especially, Khuenphen Adventure has served thousands of visitors by taking them around Bhutan. We are a company specialized in all tourism products, such as, culture, adventure, trekking, eco-tourism and always on the lookout for innovative products. Khuenphen Adventure also has its own diverse special tours, which many do not. While our products and services have been drawn up into different itineraries, we offer customized services. In other words, we are flexible and will draw itineraries based on your interests.A visit to Bhutan has become a dream for most people, a symbol of pride. You can join the esteemed group; just get into the Khuenphen Adventure, for an experience you will cherish forever.